Lamine Ouedraogo

Lamine is the Senior Officer, Green Growth Programming, in GGGI Burkina Faso Country Office. He is responsible for guiding, strengthening and supporting the Country Office capacity and expertise in green growth programming and implementation of the country planning framework.

Lamine has spent 11 years working in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Environment at technical and managerial levels as the Director General of Green Economy and Climate Change and the Director General of Studies and Sectoral Statistics of the Ministry in charge of the Environment. He has been National Coordinator of the following projects: (i) Creation of 2,000 ecovillages in Burkina Faso (Project to increase the climate resilience of grassroots communities), (ii) Shea sector development project in Burkina Faso, (iii) Improving Management and Sustainable Use of Non-Timber Forest Products and (iv) the Forest Sector Support Program (including the natural resources management, the development of local forest enterprises and the fighting against the climate change).

Having supervised the conceptualization of ecovillage in Burkina Faso and the development of the national ecovillage strategy, Lamine holds Master degrees in Macroeconomy and Sustainable Development and a Specialized Graduate Studies on Diplomacy and International Relations.